I Felt Drawn To FlyLady

Hi FlyLady,

Today, after wishing once again that I could ‘pause the world – just for a week!’ whilst I caught up with myself and the chaos around me, I decided to actually try and do something about it!I have 3 children, 2 jobs (getting up at 04:00 three times a week for one of the jobs) and 2 dogs . So I have only myself to blame! But now is the time for action!!I scoured the internet and I felt drawn to FlyLady. I loved everything you had to say and the testimonies made me tearful (I also saw a glimmer of hope!)Today I shined my sink and threw away 27 items. I try not to look at the chaos around me just yet. I want to avoid the chest tightening sensation and overwhelming panic I usually experience. Nobody would realize I feel like this. I portray calmness but do not feel it. So I am taking babysteps and I finally feel positive about achieving a less chaotic home.So thank you for being my savior today FlyLady and here’s to tomorrow!

Many grateful hugs



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