FlyLady and Facebook

Dear FlyLady,

Today I learned the value of FlyLady’s facebook page.   I have been fluttering and crashing for a year. Last week I had surgery and was feeling down because I thought I can’t do my routines, and my family didn’t sign on to do FlyLady so it is unfair to expect them to carry on.But….  then came a FlyLady post for a two minute Fire Drill.   I was set up comfortably on my couch. My first thought was ya right. How can I do this. But then I realized that I can do this I can clear my coffee table.  I straightened the table. Put the trash in the little bucket beside me.  I asked my family to empty the little bucket for me. And they did so happily. Now, not only is the table clear, but I feel a little better just because that small mess is cleared. All done while sitting.  Thank you FlyLady team.A FlyBaby


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