A Shiny Sink Has Sunk In

Dear FlyLady,

I found your group 4 years ago when my second son was born with breathing problems.  I had to get control of my clutter as I needed to keep dust and other irritants to a minimum in my home for him.

While I have followed the basic routines, love the surprise missions, work in my zone, and bless my house (actually 3 times a week) … the importance of a shiny sink has evaded me.  I HATE TO WASH DISHES!  I have no dishwasher, so I have to wash them by hand.  I try to wash after each meal, but I must admit that I go to bed quite often with at least a few dishes in my sink… then add them to the breakfast load the next morning.  I know — a floundering FlyBaby…

I saw the email today with the link to the shiny sink video… and I now understand.  The mystery water and dirty dishes do not make me smile in the morning.  I hate dishes so I get up to make breakfast (though dressed to my lace up shoes) with a bit of dread in my gut. BUT NO MORE!

Thank God for you… you always send the perfect mission, video link, or humorous quip JUST when I need to receive it!

Off to shine my sink BEFORE I go to bed… Thanks FlyLady!

A Higher-flying FlyBaby in Ohio

FlyLady here: Our sink shining video is one of my favorites!

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