January Habit #4 Shine That Sink

Dear FlyLady,January Habit #4

I should start off by saying I absolutely LOVE you, your site & your information. I am a stay-at-home mom/wife. So I use your emails/site, etc. as my “boss” per se. I open it & say – well today the boss is asking me to get these things done.

If I were in an office setting, I wouldn’t blow it off; so why should I do it at home. It’s been a great way for me to get started. I’ve also used your idea of just jumping in where you are versus trying to go back in time & finish all those things you wished you had completed.

With all THAT being said, I do have to confess, I haven’t been always shining my sink. Well that non-task cost me time, money & my Valentines Day dinner!!!!

I try to do everything with love even if I don’t like the task, which is usually cooking. And especially this holiday, I thought to put some extra love in it! I decided to make a baked stuffed shells recipe that my family loves & is somewhat of a treat for us to have. I had made the pasta shells & drained them. I started working on another part of the recipe to go in the shells. I thought I should probably drain that pasta one more time just to be sure as much water as possible is out of there.

Well the lid wasn’t on very well; the pasta (ALL OF IT!) fell into the sink AND the big bowl I had soaking w/soap. My first thought was – IF YOU’D ONLY SHINE THAT SINK AMY! Now I’m not saying that if my sink was shined I would have kept ALL the pasta, but maybe some of it could have been salvaged! But you can’t really salvage any pasta in a dirty sink or in soapy water:-)!

Lesson learned – SHINE THAT SINK or it could cost you time, money AND A DINNER!

Amy in Greensburg, PA

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