Is Clutter Your Legacy?

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Will you leave clutter as your legacy? The sad part is that this is what we were given by our ancestors. This attitude of we might need this someday, so we had better hang on to this.  So you see how we have been effected by the past. Do you intend to do this to your family too?This one member that was afraid of leaving clutter as her legacy, was looking a the physical mess that was in her home and others having to come in afterwards and sort through it all. Yes that is a problem too, any of you that have had to do this know how tough it is. I am not talking about this, even though it is a subject we need to face.

My thoughts have to do with what we teach our children. Yes we were given the legacy of hoarding, but now that we know that this is a serious problem for our homes, health and families, it is time to let go of the things that are hurting us.

You cannot help how you were raised, but you can refuse to allow your children to be saddled with these feeling of “we might need this someday”.  This attitude was developed because of going though hard times. We can all plot our family trees by this, a mother or father, grandmother or grandfather. These folks have given you this legacy.

Do you want your children to have to deal with all of this clutter in their homes. The worst part is the clutter in their heads. It is time to put an end to this once and for all. The last time I looked, there were no storage units at the cemetery. We can’t take it with us. It is the attitude that I want to help you release.

This attitude keeps us from being able to clean and organize our homes. With all of this stuff, we no longer have any place to put another thing, so it gets piled in our basements, on our floors, filling all of our closets and drawers.

Yes it would be awful to leave our families with all of our clutter. It is such a burden for them, but if we start now, we can change our homes and train our families in the art of Less is More, and give them the overall feeling of prosperity and faith. As they see us releasing the clutter that has clogged our lives, they will see a new way of living Free. Free from the clutter and the CHAOS that came with it.

Are your ready to release this clutter from your lives and create an atmosphere of Peace that will transcend generations as your legacy to the ones you love.

It’s time to FLY,


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Your clutter is suffocating you! Let it go!

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