Good Routines and Order

Hi dear Flylady!
I always had a habit of messing up things, ever since I was a little girl. I love order, but I have had a hard time to DO IT. My husband is almost blind, and to combine that with lacking order from my side, has been a challenge… To make the home OURS and not MINE, is depending on good routines and order. I am working at it, and it is better, but my clutter constantly just pop up again, and grows! The other day I made a google search for “gode tips for rotekopper” (in english that means something like “good ideas for scatterbrains”.) After a few ideas here and there somebody suggested your website. And here I am, taking babysteps!

My sink is shining every day before bedtime, my clothes for tomorrow is on its place, I have dressed for work every morning (before I do something else) and given the bathroom a quick cleaning. I have notes on my mirrors to remind and encourage! Found out that a little smiling sun at the notes made me smile. And today I used five minutes on one of my hotspots! I works!!! Thank you…

Our home looks better and cleaner than for a long time ago! Now my mother in law could step in the door at any time, and I would not be stressed!

Kind regards

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