Timing Was Just Right

testiflyDearest FlyLady,

I’ve been what I guess you’d call a Payroll FlyBaby for a little under a month. My sink is shining every day (which makes me happy every time I see it!), I’m dressed to shoes and hair/makeup first thing every morning, and am loving my new purple rags–I was able to take advantage of the BOGO last month!

The night before I started this program, I found myself madly scrubbing my tub at 1am, in tears with how gross I had let it become, exhausted and depressed with how horrible my home looked, and made me feel, as well as how badly it was affecting my partner’s and my relationship.  I remember thinking, “there must be a better way!” And then, as if my guardian angel was tapping me gently on the shoulder, I remembered you, FlyLady. Several years before, I had been subscribing to your emails, but I wasn’t ready yet to follow the program, so I had unsubscribed.  And now, here I was—overwhelmed and broken.

Upon reading the first Baby Steps Day 1 entry, I felt so much of the stress and anxiety lift– not trying to catch up, but jumping in where you guys are, letting go of my perfectionism, and following the program step by baby step is exactly what I need.  It’s funny, because I’ve ALWAYS been a barefoot kind of girl–and at heart I suspect I always will be– but I figured that if FlyLady says getting my lace up shoes on first thing helps, then who am I to argue? And–you’re right! I automatically feel ready to go, and energized!

Oh yeah! And my partner–he’s been inspired by the change that he’s seen with my 27 Fling Boogies, and 15 minute increments of decluttering, and has begun helping more around the house with his own little 15 minute clean ups–so I guess he’s gradually becoming a FLY Guy? 😉  Bit by bit we’re progressing, together.  Thank you for that, and for everything–including the daily emails–I always look forward to reading them.

A Brooklyn FlyBaby

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