Thank You For Saving Me

Shiny SinkDear FlyLady,

I wanted to share an achievement with you that I know you’ll be delighted to hear.  I have a lovely kitchen back!

My kitchen is very ‘compact’ (only 6ft by 8ft) and houses a cooker, dishwasher, washing machine, fridge, and microwave.  The freezer has to be stored elsewhere in the house, so there is very little room for storage.  The one ‘feature’ of my kitchen is a beautiful purpose-made pine shelving unit, a bit like the top of a dresser cabinet, but mounted on the wall.  The kitchen has always been a scene of CHAOS (like the rest of the house) and the shelf unit was always cluttered and untidy.  I always used the excuse that it was a ‘cooks kitchen’ and far too small for me.

One week whilst I was finishing the baby steps, I spent 15 min everyday decluttering the kitchen and sorting out the cupboards, throwing out ALL of the out-of-date food and things that I never use.  I invested in some inexpensive glass jars which I use to keep my dry goods (pasta, rice, breakfast cereals) and these were placed on the pine shelves.  They work like a treat and I can clearly see what I have and when I need to re-order (no more food being shoved in a cupboard going out of date because I’ve over ordered- again!).  They make the pine unit look stunning, and it’s also practical.

My kitchen is small but now very organized with a shiny sink!  I now love cooking in my kitchen, as everything I need is at arms length and easy to find.  I plan my menu a week in advance (when I get the grocery shopping done) so I don’t order things unless I know I’m going to use them. I didn’t need a larger kitchen, I just needed to learn to FLY in it.

The rest of my house is slowly coming together, but when I feel disheartened I walk into my kitchen and look at my pine shelves and my shiny sink and smile!

Thank you and Bless you for rescuing me from a life of CHAOS!

FlyBaby in the UK

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