January Habit #19 Saving My Sanity

Hi Flylady,
January Habit #2
Back in November 2016 I came across your site.  What a blessing you have been to me. I started with shining the sink and decluttering.

I am now unable to sleep without shining that sink.

I work full time with 3 kids and yesterday I came home at 6 and carried on working after dinner till 9pm . my DH didn’t put the Dishwasher on. At first I thought I would leave it till morning . But after sitting down for a bit and procrastinating on my phone, I got up and shone that sink filled the dishwasher and went to bed having also swish and swiped the worktop.

It is great to be in control.

Thank you for saving my sanity.

Flybaby from Surrey

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