The Time Is Now

Dear FlyLady,

I just listened to the getting started video with music by Amy Lacey.

You were right, I was in tears. This is just what I needed today. I used your system for several years, and then my world was thrown into chaos. My husband died, and I moved 3 times. I am now fortunate enough to own a mobile home, the first home I ever owned. There was a lot of repair and reconstruction needed, which just added to the chaos. I am almost at the end of that. I have been thinking for months about how good it would be to get back to flying with you. One more day of Hope is exactly what I needed. I am now far away from home, attending my father’s funeral. There is much grief and much longing. Longing for normalcy (whatever that is), longing to have a purpose other than getting my house in shape.

I believe that time is now. I’m going to get out my journal, and put in my new zones, and get started on my shiny sink.

Lots of good is happening also. My two boys now both live near me, so I get to see my grandkids often. My goal is to have them over to my house often, even sleep over. I know with your help this will happen soon. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for your daily emails. Thank you for your encouragement and energy. I’m back to being a fly baby, but that is where to start.

I can honestly say I love you, Marla. You have found your purpose and I know I will find mine.

In Hope,
Amy in California

Only a Few More Hours!


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