Missing That Authority

Dtestiflyear FlyLady,

I have been fluttering for the last 3 years.  This year, I am making you my priority.  I read one of your letters from a lady that talked about how she made you her boss.  After many years of working and now being retired, I realized that I was missing that authority.  You have now become my voice.  I started the new year with shining my sinks and dressing to shoes.  I am going to keep going one step at a time.  I have a mess of boxes that I have not gone through since 1980.  I am going to take 15 minutes at a time to go through and organize and definitely donate or throw away.  Many of the things you preach are things my mother did everyday.  But being a career mother and wife, I never put them in place.  Now I have no excuses.

Thank you for everything you do.

Vicki (a fellow fly fisherwoman)


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