No Panic About Guests


Dear Flylady:

I used your system when my DS and DD were young, but fell off the wagon and my house became overcome with clutter as they became older and busier with sports and other activities. I’ll admit I have a cleaning lady and got lazy, scooping up clutter and putting it in laundry baskets before she came. The result: a mess of a basement and garage and many duplicate purchases because we could never find anything.

I started using your system again about a month ago and the difference in my house and DH is amazing. He has told me that he doesn’t want to be the weak link and has even spent time organizing and purging our bedroom closet. The best part: my DS invited several friends over last night at the last minute to watch the Giants/Packers game and the house was squeaky clean. No panic about guests coming. Keep preaching your system _ it works! Right now two of my sisters are also using it and can’t say enough about how much it’s helped them too.

Carolyn, Flybaby from Connecticut

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