I Was Not A Failure

Dear Flylady
I have been being fly washed for a long time now.  I am also coming out of an emotionally abusive marriage, so I think it took me longer than most to get it.  But I think God used you to keep those little reminders in there for me that I was not a failure, even though I was constantly being told I wasn’t good enough, by myself and by others. Without your constant little emails, I think I would have believed all that squawky talk. But, I am finally “FLY” ing.  And doing nice things for myself, like shining my sink, and pampering myself with small treats when I accomplish something.

Yesterday, I cut branches off a tree that needed pruning, and guess how long it took? Yup, 15 minutes! Go me!

Thank you and your team for always being there. You have changed my life immesurably for the good.

Love, Karen

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