New Habit for February

Dear Friends,

For years we have slowly allowed clutter to take over our homes. Please do not expect it to disappear overnight. I don’t want you to become discouraged about this process. As SHEs we are an “all or nothing” kind of people.

Your home did not get dirty over night and it is not going to get clean in a day. Now listen very closely to me. Baby steps will get you there.

Start by clearing out your visible HotSpots, then as the peace hugs your home in it’s loving arms you will gradually cruise through your zones clearing out layers of clutter. I like to think of this as peeling an onion; one layer at a time. As I am writing this, a message I wrote a year ago kept running through my head.

BabySteps!! 15 minutes a day to declutter is all I ask! February’s New Habit is Decluttering for 15 minutes a day!


Make decluttering fun and you will do it. Set your timer and get out your Declutter kit! Here are some fun ways to declutter.

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