Routine That is Easy to Keep

testiflyDear Flybabies,

I found Flylady in 2003 as a single SAHM mom with 3 young DS.
The principle that saved my sanity was Flylady’s advice on the dishwasher.
1. Run your dishwasher every night.
2. EMPTY your dishwasher first thing every morning – before the family wakes up.

(Since I’m a coffee drinker, this was a very achievable goal.  Step A:   Start the coffee brewing. Step B: empty the DW before the coffee is done.  It’s a race, and I promise that even a very full DW can be emptied in about 5 minutes!

Then is it ready for everyone, always.
My rule for the kids was, and still is simple:  ALWAYS load your dishes in the DW.
NEVER leave dirty ones in the sink!
(A few times since over three years I wasn’t able to unload the dishwasher due to illness or running late.  Later in the day, the kids kept loading dirty dishes, and later I  would find the clean ones mixed with dirty.  Big deal? No – that was MY fault for not unloading, so there was no one to to blame, and you know what, my sink was STILL SHINY!

This system worked consistently for years,  and when I remarried in 2008 and ended up with a huge family of 5 DS in total, this principle continued to  help keep my sink shiny and EMPTY –  and I was able to stay peaceful in the kitchen as I cooked for a small army of men.

While I still continue to struggle with my daily routines and decluttering as I juggle two demanding teaching jobs (MBA and high school),  this one SINK habit and having each DS do his own laundry have been easy to keep!

Thank you Flylady for your wisdom and simple babysteps way back then!

Flybaby Janet in Kansas City

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