I Can Enjoy Sewing Again

testiflyDear FlyLady,

I signed up for your emails because the title was so unique and got my attention. Never did I think I could develop good habits that would make my life so much easier. Starting with your baby steps suggestion, I just did one  task at a time. Sometimes that 15 minutes would stretch to 30.

A few weeks later, with several of those “15 minute  or more” segments, I am proud to say I have not had to frantically search for an item I need because now it is in its proper place. My sewing room is in order and I can enjoy sewing again. I have gotten rid of so much stuff I don’t need, either by donating  or just trashing!  My stress level is low; I don’t dread unexpected neighbor visits, and life is good!  I limit time on my iPhone or computer, and get on it for a few minutes,after I finish the daily task I need to do. I am a procastinator and always have been, but your pep talks sure have made me quit putting off and get to work! I still have a garage, an attic, a storage shed and a barn to tackle this Spring and Summer. I can do it – one step at a time. Thanks bunches!

Your fan, Kathy

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