Love Like there is no Tomorrow

Dear Friends,

As we all know today is Valentines Day. Over the years of growing up and having a family there is only one valentine card that I remember. Yeah we all got tons of them in school. I was in the second grade. We all built and decorated our own little mailboxes. Each of us got to deliver our valentines. When we opened our shoe boxes to look at our cards one little valentine stood out more than others. It was two simple hearts cut out of red construction paper and red yard tied through two holes to keep them together. It said Be my Valentine.

The little boy that gave me the valentine, rode my bus; I still remember where he lived and how his house looked to me as a seven year old. He did not have many clothes and I assumed that they were a very poor family. His simple valentine was special to me. I don’t know if other children got the same type of valentine, but I loved mine. He had made it for me with his hands. Even as a seven year old I felt so special.

Remember it is not what you give that makes the impression; it is how you give it. One year for our first Valentines Day, I made Robert a wooden valentine. It was out of a piece of scrap ebony from a small broken statue. I took a hack saw and sliced it up and shaped a heart the size of a half-dollar. I hollowed out on one side a place for my just my face and put a little note on it; someone to watch over me. Then on the other side I hollowed out a place for a special penny that he loved.

It was a very simple valentine and he carries it with him every day. He places it in his handkerchief and puts it in his back pocket. It reminds him that he has someone watching over him and that God is listening to his every thought. It is a simple token of my affection.

Celebrate every day by loving like there is no tomorrow! Even if you are alone; you can do things for just for you. We had one lady that picked out her own pretty red heart-shaped of box of candy. She looked forward to it every year because it reminded her of her grand parent’s love.

Happy Valentines Day! Love like there is no tomorrow! This includes loving yourself!


Every Friday is Date night. Place a heart on your calendar to remind you not to take your love for granted! Heart stickers are everywhere right now.


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