Got Control Back

Dear FlyLady,

 I’ve been fluttering for about three years now. Your e-mails have really inspired me and, though I’m not there yet, I’m seriously tackling my cluttered life, taking it one babystep at a time.
I had a very bad year last year, losing three close family members in less than two months. I then realized that I have to get my clutter sorted out as, should it have been me, no one would have been able to find any of my important documents (or anything else for that matter!) in my house.
But one of the most important things I’ve learned from you is that one can achieve an incredible lot in 15 minutes and that, though we don’t think we do, we can make a difference, 15 minutes at a time.
I also learned that it helps to do unpleasant tasks with a friend and that it takes much less time than one would think. So two weeks ago I tackled my paper backlog with an old friend – she on one side of the table with her paperwork and I on my side with mine. Within 2.5 hours I had all the paper clutter (some dating back as much as 5 years) sorted and filed, tax records in order, important documents readily accessible but also safely filed.
Therefore, it was the most amazing experience, when I unexpectedly needed a birth certificate for my daughter (to collect her identity document), to just send her directly to get the document from the right file without running around the house like the mad hatter. For the first time in years I actually felt in control of a small part of my life.
Thank you, FlyLady, for helping me to get control back, one (Baby)step at a time.
Arina in South Africa



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