February Habit #19 A Tip That May Help Everyone

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Dear Friends,

February is Declutter for 15 minutes, and we are going to take full advantage of our time. Monday through Friday this month you will get a new Declutter Mission that follows the Zone we are in. If you have a declutter story or an idea that you have found to be useful please send us an email with MY DECLUTTER STORY in the subject line!

FlyLady Rebecca

February Declutter Mission:

No mission today, take this time to Renew Your Spirit!

Hi everybody

I have a food-stuff declutter story and a tip that may help everyone.

When I started FLYing I came face-to-face with my kitchen cabinets, refrigerator and freezer. They were stuffed with food I purchased on impulse which resulted in a lot of expiration dates, going-bad or already there fruits and vegetables and groceries I knew I just wouldn’t eat.

Is there anything more guilt generating than rotten produce?

The next time the kitchen zone came around I set my timer for 15 minutes to
1. Collect the unexpired boxes and cans of uninteresting to me, food and took them to the food bank;
2. Trashed the expired containers and
3. Gave the refrigerator and freezer a good clean. I didn’t realize how many containers I actually had because they were containing – well, you know, science experiments.
I started thinking about what and how I was eating.

I’m single, so a pound of pork tenderloin translates into several meals.
I like a bargain too, so when a package of chicken thighs goes on sale, I buy it. I prepare two – for two meals – and freeze the rest. I wrap each piece individually in plastic wrap and then place them all in a plastic freezer bag. This prevents the dreaded freezer burn.

I kept a food journal for two months and I started meal planning, of course.
And I developed a shopping list of vegetables, fruits, meat, grocery aisle items, dairy and household and personal cleaning items.

Because I clean my refrigerator once a week for 15 minutes and keep the kitchen cabinets decluttered when I’m in the kitchen zone, I know what I have on hand. There is no more waste.

I typed my grocery list, reduced the type size and have three lists on one piece of paper. Printed it out and cut the lists apart. They’re held by a magnet – guess who’s – on the refrigerator. I put a mark – in pencil – by the things I need. And, this may be a little overboard, but I erase the marks when I get home and reuse the list the next week.

Occasionally I pencil in a new item. I don’t have an herb or spice category, for example, because they last so long. Or maybe I need top soil for plants.

I’ve deleted things I thought I would buy and added things I like. It’s an evolving list.

One thing’s for sure, there’s no more food waste in my blessed home!

Thanks for all you do!

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