February Habit #22 A Prayer Answered

IMG_5645Dear Friends,

February is Declutter for 15 minutes, and we are going to take full advantage of our time. Monday through Friday this month you will get a new Declutter Mission that follows the Zone we are in. If you have a declutter story or an idea that you have found to be useful please send us an email with MY DECLUTTER STORY in the subject line!

FlyLady Rebecca

February Declutter Mission: #3 Zone #4

Move to the night stand today and go through one drawer. If you do not have drawers and the night stand is clear of clutter, pick the top drawer of your dresser. I like to play music while I declutter and it seems to make decluttering fun!

Dear Sweet FlyLady,

I found you several years ago when in desperate prayer for my family. My lack of doing because of my perfectionism was finally getting the better of my marriage and my babies were paying the price. No doubt you were a God Send, a prayer answered. I was so sure that I was lazy and maybe mental but you said I was a perfectionist and I was not alone. I believe you. I still haveĀ  CHAOS in my closet, Laundry room, and attic but my home is so much easier to tackle. My family is so much happier and my marriage has never been so wonderful. Honestly I believe God used you to save us.

I want you to know that I love love LOVE the FlyLady app. It has taken excuses away. I now have most of my control journal in my pocket at all times. It has freed me up to keep moving and I can take it with me for all my jobs. It has also freed me up from my email. If I don’t get to read my FlyLady emails, I can delete them with no guilt because I saw the most important part in my app. Yay. No more email clutter.

You are an awesome blessing. Thank you for saving families.

Love and Prayers,
FlyBaby Skipper

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