Pep Rally Time!

Dear Friends,

When we were developing our website in 2001; we decided we needed a cartoon character for us to identify with. The cartoonist asked me just exactly what I did for our ladies. One of the things I told him was that I was their biggest cheerleader. If you will look closely at her, she has on a cheerleader uniform with FLY across her chest.

When I was in high school I always wanted to be a cheerleader. I was filled with school spirit but for some reason I never got elected, but that is just fine because I get to be a cheerleader a million people. There aren’t many cheerleaders who get to root for that many people at one time. I feel honored that you have allowed me into you home for our pep rally!

My sister, Paddi and both of her daughters were cheerleaders in high school. Courtney and Jessica were on a top cheerleading squad in the world. They knew all the moves and practiced many hours in preparation for competitions.

When Jessica was little; she would do gymnastics and she was a wannabe
cheerleader at a very early age. As with all of us; she is a perfectionist too. When she didn’t do a routine just perfectly she would be upset; even if it was 9.9 on an Olympic scale. In order to help Jessica get over being upset, Paddi taught her to cheer herself on. Now I want you to imagine a tiny 3 or 4 year old doing this. She would throw her little arms into the air and yell “go me”!

All of your FLY Crew has started working out and getting in shape! Rebecca and I are working out together, Paddi and Jessica are too! Jessica looks to be in great shape, but what she has found out that it doesn’t matter whether you look good in your jeans or not; that is not the barometer of whether we are in shape. Her first workout almost did her in. She was ready to quit. Even the trainer at the gym they go to, thought she was in better ship than she was. Looks are so deceiving. Jessica has always been athletic with cheerleading; she never dreamed that body muscle would go away after just a few years of not using it. Well if Jessica was that out of shape then, what about someone like
me. It has been forty years since I was in shape with marching band. Jessica didn’t quit working out after her first day! She found out that she needed to cheer herself on all by herself; you don’t always have a trainer working with you. When she is encouraging herself to keep blessing her heart; she yells at the top of her lungs, “Go Me!” when she finishes a section.

This is what we all need! Our own personal cheerleader! Each of us has one just waiting to get out of us! Let’s make “GO ME!” be our rally cry! It is not just for moving and blessing our heart; it can be for anything we do that seems a little more difficult!

I want you to practice this right now! See how good it feels to cheer yourself on! GO ME! Grab your feather duster and use it as a pompom. GO ME! GO ME! GO ME!  We don’t have to be perfect; we just need to move! Let’s get moving; just 15 minutes a day! Set your timer and get started!

Monday is the day we do our Weekly Home Blessing Hour, but you can do it on Saturday, too. We can turn that into a great workout if you will stay focused. We have a podcast to cheer you through your Weekly Home Blessing Hour. When you Bless Your Home  send us your GO ME to with GO ME in the subject line!

Are you ready to FLY with you being your biggest cheerleader?


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