FLYing With 5 Little Ones

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been getting your emails for about 5 years and it has been a slow process for me to take everything on board. I found you when I was pregnant with my third child and living in a house that was being stripped back to bare brick for re-wiring and so on. Needless to say it was a tip, and I was losing it….We now have five children aged 8 and under. I am constantly cooking, cleaning, you name it and frequently I have very low days. But the thing that gets me through are your little phrases popping into my head. ‘just do it’, ‘bless your family’, ‘you can do anything for fifteen minutes‘ and so on. Through a long battle with low mood, your “can do” attitude and insistence that we are not behind, and to be kind to oneself, have kept me going through many dark patches.My husband is fantastic and supports me with everything, but you are always there too, like an encouraging voice in my ear. This year I have finally set up my control journal, which on bad days I can just use as an autopilot to plow through the basics of what has to be done. On good days it is a pleasure to whizz through the list and see my home looking… well…not too bad considering how many young kids are in it.My 8yo daughter now has your student control journal and loves doing her bedtime routine. She totally gets the babysteps thing and is working up to adding in other routines. The girls often make their beds, lay out outfits etc.Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I couldn’t have made this household a home without your help. (I never learned anything about cleaning as a child and didn’t even know you had to clean the toilets!) and I certainly couldn’t have made it through years of low mood either without your encouragement to just keep at it.


PS: I have several of your wonderful tools and the lovely calendar that helps me stay focused.


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