What is a Rubba Sweepa?

Dear FlyLady,RubbaSweepaframed

What is a Rubba Sweepa, and how do I use it?

FlyBaby J.

Dear FlyBaby J.

We introduced our rubba sweepa (the best broom you will ever use) back in 2008. Our first Rubba tool was the rubba scrubba. You all loved it so much that we thought we would try out another similar tool.

We have a simple video to show you how to use our Rubba Sweepa. A video is worth a thousand written words. This tool is amazing when it comes to sweeping a floor, getting dog hair off of throw rugs, getting up cut hair, scrubbing tile floors, removing snow from your cars, cleaning up broken glass, and gathering spilled liquids.

It is not a push broom it is a pull broom. I like it better than a vacuum cleaner. We have designed different heads to fit the handle; our mop and the multi-wand. The Rubba Sweepa is a great tool to have around. I keep one in my truck for cleaning my windshield.



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