Grateful For Myself

Dear FlyLady,

I just have to thank you this afternoon for all that you have given me. That statement kind of makes me laugh as I have changed in the past six months from taking everything from people to not wanting a thing! What you have given me is a new outlook on life and that didn’t take up any room!I just wanted to say thank you as I have talked with two friends who are struggling with feeling CHAOS in their lives and truly cannot see any way out. It makes me sad for them but grateful for myself. I finally decided I needed to change something. I didn’t want housework and the day to day living to own me and it was doing just that. I felt so smothered in my clutter that I could see no way out. I did the crash and burn many times. I needed a different way.I just thank you from the bottom of my heart. I still have a long ways to go. I am dealing with my entire life, my husband’s entire life and my children’s entire life of clutter. Six months later, however, my house is cleaner than it ever has been in years and ironically I have so much more time! It is the best feeling in the world and I wish it for everyone else as well.

My happiness did not come from a clean house. My clean house came from my happiness. I started to love me again and it’s flowing out of me and how I live. Thank you so much for sharing so freely those tools to set me free.

On a side note, I am about to make my first purchase from you! I told myself I would not buy any more cleaning supplies unless I started using the ones I already had! So after six months of keeping my bathrooms clean I will treat myself to some of your purple rags!

Thank you again!

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