I Don’t Have to Hide

Dear FlyLady and Crew,

Never mind the UPS man, I’ve been hiding from my own husband!

Dh comes home for LUNCH occasionally, and usually when I hear his car in the drive, I run for the shower – totally ashamed and embarrassed to not be dressed yet.

Well, yesterday, thanks to the March habit of dressing right away, I was able to actually enjoy a nice lunch with my hubby instead of hiding from him.

I also accomplished SO much else yesterday, and I just felt SO much better about myself in general. It’s Amazing!

I’ve really been dragging lately, and although I’ve been a FlyBaby for a very long time, and my house has gone from horrible to pretty clean, I never felt like I was really FLYing.

I dabbled with the last two monthly habits, but never started on the 1st of the month like I did yesterday. I feel like I can actually accomplish some things now!

And the 15 minutes of decluttering that I did do last month will be a springboard for me to complete some projects this month.

Thank you so much for all you do!!

FlyBaby Pam in Georgia


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