Born Skeptic

Hello FlyLady,

I’ve been fluttering along for a while now. I’ve been in and out, never really followed the missions (how could I when there was SOOO much to get done!!!). Then the emails stopped coming in digest form. UGH! More email.

Well, it’s been a blessing in disguise. I started reading them. And the message that FINALLY got through was “You’re not behind”. Start where you are. What? You mean I don’t have to get it all done on Saturday morning before I pack the boys off to the baseball field for the rest of the day? You mean I can do a little at a time? What? No – this must be a mistake, I thought.

Then I became overwhelmed with so many emails. I felt I had to read them all. And then like magic came the email that said – “It’s okay to delete the ones you haven’t read”. What? Not read them? with trepidation, I deleted the FlyLady emails I hadn’t read. The roof didn’t cave in either!! I did it! I didn’t have to catch up anymore!! You gave me permission to start where I was. Hmmm, there might be something to this.

So I started. I decluttered my bathroom. All those old perfumes bottles that I might wear someday (even though I have ONE essential oil combo that I wear religiously and LOVE). Nevermind that my DD gave it to me for Christmas. I don’t use it. Get rid of it. One grocery bag later and I had a counter. Wow. So I cleaned it. Double wow – I don’t know when the last time was that I removed all the makeup gunk. I had to move too many things to do it. I don’t swish and swipe daily, but I do it more often than I ever used to – at least 3 times a week. And I just got my purple rags – I hang one from the towel rod and just swipe the mirror after my shower – takes 30 seconds (probably not even that long) and GOODBYE toothpaste spots!! No cleanser just the steam on the mirror.

I’m getting there – I now have a dresser top free of clutter and a hope chest at the end of my bed with a nice comforter for my kitties to sleep instead of on my feet. I’ve been making my bed daily (cuz I bought a new comforter like you suggested – needed one anyway!) and I’m tackling my other issues 15 minutes at a time. Thank you FlyLady for reminding us we are not behind!!! Just get started folks!!

And an added bonus – my boys ask daily what their FlyLady Kids Challenge is. WHOO HOO!!! They are loving this 15 minutes at a time deal too!! No more Saturdays stuck cleaning their rooms!!!


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