March Habit #12 My Behavior Has Been Changed

March Habit #3Dear FlyLady,

I have to admit I’ve resisted this one! My excuses largely come from not really liking shoes at all – I’m a bit of a hippy and would gladly live in flip flops or indeed no shoes at all.  So shoes are associated with discomfort and convention.  And then there’s the fact that I’m constantly in and out of my house with my dogs, seeing to my hens and so on…..or am I?

Actually I’m not, and even in the muddy depths of a Derbyshire winter it only takes seconds to swap one set of shoes for boots.

I always dress properly, and I’ve made it my routine to be dressed to jewellery and perfume – otherwise I’d never wear it!  I do get the “nobody’s going to see me so what does it matter?” excuse, but I spent many years as my husband’s carer (caregiver) when it would have been all too easy to take that attitude, but I didn’t.  Instead I thought, “why look like a bag lady if you don’t have to?”.  And it pleased him to have me look good.  Now he’s gone I realise it also pleases me to look good.

Meanwhile, back at the shoes……..a couple of things changed my mind.  Firstly, my financial advisor (who’s also a friend) came for a meeting at my home and there I was in my tired old slippers. I felt so unprofessional it was uncomfortable!  It’s true that the way we dress affects the way we behave, and if you don’t believe it, try it!

The other thing, which rather took me by surprise, is that now I have the beginnings of arthritis in my hips, and I’m told a contributing factor is years of wearing shoes that don’t support or protect my feet.  So, ladies, it’s worth it for that alone, although it may feel completely irrelevant now and you think it’ll never happen to you.  And FlyLady Diane’s video underlined all that for me, so now I’m a convert.  It took over a year, but I’m there…

Fluttering in the Derbyshire mud….

Dear Friends,

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FlyLady Rebecca

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