I Wish I Could Hug You

Baby StepsDear FlyLady,

I wish I could hug you through my Ipad right now! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the peace that you have brought into my life and my family’s lives.  Last night over dinner, my husband and I were discussing what has happened to our housekeeping arrangements over time. I used to have a cleaner. I used to have an ironing lady. I used to have a lady coming in to help me with homeschooling the children. I used to be in CHAOS!

The FlyLady revolution started last September.  We had offered to host a large number of people for a mission retreat at our house.  I was panicking, but my friend Mindy suggested I join your email list, which I did. (I had toyed with some of your ideas before but had not taken them seriously.) This time round, however, I completely threw myself into following the babysteps.  Although my house is not perfect, we now do not need a cleaner, do not need an ironing lady and do not need a helper for homeschool! Our house is now a properly functioning, welcoming home.

I pray God totally blesses your socks off for all you do in serving Him. You have really blessed us so much. Thank you.

Faye, UK


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