March Habit #15 My Laced Up Shoes are Tingling

March Habit #2Dear FlyLady,

My Fly Wings are beginning to flutter. They really started prior to finding The FlyLady! I live alone and each year I have had to “declutter” the dining room table prior to Christmas Eve dinner with my small family. This year I decided to NOT allow it to become cluttered again. I left the gold colored runner on the table and added straw place mats with smaller yellow hand-knitted mats on top of them; along with some candles. I now loathe to even set a item down on that table.

A little later I was introduced to you, The FlyLady. While my shoes are laced up every day, nothing much happened; until I decided to use some of the tools ordered from The Fly Shop.

I am 76 years old and never, never, have I cleaned the dining/kitchen/side entry floors TWO DAYS in a row. (Well, the first time, I used the wrong mop/cleaner.) So, of course, I had to re-do it again today after moving file cabinet, coat tree, and water storage areas around.

My Entry is now like I want it. In the meantime, I was decluttering an area in the dining area corner to set up my computer table and desk. With some of the clutter being files, I hid them behind a door, simply for the lack of another place to “hide” them.

My laced up shoes are tingling to attack the “recipe” area! I love cook books and collecting recipes.They have taken over one entire length of counter-top space. Then there is the desk that is loaded down with clutter. It will take a lot of “baby steps” to declutter the desk. When that is done, I am hoping my dining/kitchen area and entry room will Shine, just like my SINK.

Glenda in North Carolina

Dear Friends,

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FlyLady Rebecca

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