March Habit #16 A Reward Came Yesterday

March Habit #2Dear Fly Lady,

I’m 68 and was so tired of cleaning that I let my housework slip.  I only cleaned when there was a gathering at my house.  Then it took me forever because I don’t move as fast as I use to.  I was even a maid for several years.  I guess I just got burned out then I discovered your site and it rebooted me.  I started with the shiny sink and shoes laced. I’m happy to say my cleaning is now stress free and my home looks nice.

A reward came yesterday for all the work.

In Michigan we got 60-70 mile per hour winds. I was one of the 800,000 people who lost electricity.  I didn’t stress because my home was clean and I had a shiny sink.  The cleanliness made facing the outage and packing up to bunk with my daughter not so bad. I was leaving a clean house that would greet me when I returned.  Last week I even organized my freezer meats into baskets so when I had to leave because of the wind storm we just grabbed baskets and fit them into her and my sons freezers .

I can’t thank you and the testimonials enough for getting me back on track. I will soon be ordering some goodies from you to update my supplies.  I also love that you love our awesome God.


Dear Friends,

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FlyLady Rebecca

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