I Am Free to FLY!

Finally Love YourselfDear FlyLady and Crew,

OMGosh – where do I begin??? I’m sitting here eating the best Salmon Gazpacho soup (from LeAnne’s menu mailer) which I made (in less than 15 min) and I have to write you. A transformation has happened in my life – in less than 2 weeks and it’s all because of you!!!! I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. How can a life get soooo turned around in less than 14 days? FlyLady and LeAnne, that’s how.

I have been a member, a FlyBaby, since April 2007. I have fluttered since then. I bought so many of your items, and nothing did “it”. Don’t get me wrong – they are fantastic – you truly have been blessed with the team and the knowledge of how to make great items and offer them to us. But still, nothing did “it”. I’ve had really good days and I’ve had moments of joy – but in the last 2 weeks, well, now I’m FLYing (Finally Loving Myself) – I’ve found the secret, and it’s no secret. You tell us EVERYDAY – but I didn’t believe it, and therefore didn’t do it (“it” being following the suggestions of the emails).

What happened to make it ALL “FLY”  together was – I ordered the menu mailer. Not only have I lost 5.5 pounds in 8 days (no big deal, I have 100 to go, but I could not lose weight before last week) and I’ve ALSO walked everyday (some days TWICE!), drank my water, made my bedshined my sink, done my zones, my Weekly Home Blessing, I filled in the Control Journal, I’ve used my DUSTER and my TIMER; and it’s all been fantastically working!!! I have more time than I have ever had, I am happier than ever, I’m losing weight, dinner is on time (OR EARLY! can you imagine that!?!)! Everything those testimonials say is true and has come true for me. All because of the menu mailer!!

Just a few details – I was cluttered in my mind before last week. CLUTTERED, CLUTTERED, CLUTTERED! I didn’t have time to read those testimonials, but I refused to be one of those complainers that doesn’t know how to delete! I knew the answer was in there somewhere (along with your notes at the bottom of them, and your email notes to us, too). So, I kept reading them. But as I read them, my mind cluttered up and worst of all – my house cluttered up as well. Then, I bought the menu mailers. And I refused to let it be like the duster, the timer and the CJ – something I bought and didn’t use. So, after a couple days, everything, every single thing fell into place. I focused on the grocery list, the menu and made dinner. That freed me up to make my control journal (I love your CJ, BTW) and routines fit my home, which led to extra time and so I walked, which led to the water, which led to the next and the next and the next. All of the sudden in 2 weeks – I know the secret. It’s get up and do it! It’s routines, routines, routines.

It’s organize by decluttering – and the first thing I had to do was declutter my mind. But I couldn’t without DOING your emails, from the first one in the morning to the last one at night. I understand everything now and it’s all so simple – it’s right there in the black and white of your emails – and now I am free!!!

I’ve written you before, on good days – and I’ve told you a lot about myself and my DH (who is very sick) and now, I understand. I have seen the light! Isn’t that corny? But it’s true . . . and now, for the first time, I can truly love myself – I wasn’t a loser, I wasn’t incapable, I wasn’t a failure, I wasn’t different or unique – the truth is I wasn’t doing what you suggested!!

That menu mailer is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Somehow, for some reason, that was MY answer. Getting control over what we would eat (what we eat is very important for my DH’s disease) and then DOING it by buying it and cooking it was so powerful, as far as giving me a handle on things – I was able to implement all the other SIMPLE suggestions you send us each day. I was just cleaning some cilantro for the soup and I realized – I have used everything I bought at the grocery store these past 2 weeks – no waste and SUCH HEALTHY, YUMMY, EASY MENU’S – my husband doesn’t know what’s come over me – but he is loving this divine food I’m serving him!! Not to mention spending a lot less money NOT buying things I WON’T USE, or too much, etc. (I used to have to hide the food I threw away, it was SO much).

You could charge hundred’s of dollars for your service and so could LeAnne. God bless you for giving it away. God bless her for the INEXPENSIVE mailers she offers – Of course, I could write a whole ‘nother email on her menu’s – the selection, and variety, and simplicity, yet “fancy” meals – I feel like we’re eating in a restaurant every night and yet I’M COOKING THE MEALS!

What a gift you’ve given me . . . I know what purple puddles are now. Feelings like this usually can’t be given, but you’ve found a way to give them to us. This feeling is similar to feeling reborn – or I would imagine how it feels to get out of prison. I told my 82 yr old dad, “today I feel as if I’ve just been let out of prison . . .”

God bless you, FlyLady, and God bless you, too, LeAnne. I think you are divinely inspired and led, and that’s not a joke.

Flybaby Robin
PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens)
ASAP  (Always Say A Prayer)

P.S. I’m sorry this was so long


FlyLady here:  I am so proud of FlyBaby Robin!  She figured it out – you can have all the tools in the world but you have to USE them.

The timerthe control journal, and the calendar will change your life but you have to use them to make that change – owning them will not make it happen!

Step out with Faith and add these tools and habits to your life.  With tools and routines you will soar!

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