March Habit #17 I Was FLYing Along

March Habit #3Dear Flylady,

Yes, I have my shoes on.  I suffer insomnia and chronic fatigue …long story.  Anyway, I was flying along and over the winter I went through my usual illnesses of the season.  Finally, Spring is around the corner, the roses are blooming and my clutter has managed to surface over the winter blues onto every surface.  Thank God I am not behind.  I slept good last night and started over this morning by making the bed, dressing to lace up shoes, etc., and felt so energized I went straight to my living room and attacked.  It felt good to do it, and the air was so much lighter when I was done.  I now feel ready to get back in step with the zones.  This was just my kickoff for motivation and I’m excited.

My doctor tells me I need to exercise to ward off the chronic fatigue so by the end of next week I have pledged to join our local health center and take it too in baby steps as part of showing myself some love.

You have proven to me that baby steps work…but, they have to be worked.  When something such as an illness occurs, as with me…accept what you can’t change, but be ready to resume when you can change.

By the way last year I also sent many a thing to charity…but, obviously I need to send more.  I guess for some folks, meaning me, getting rid of stuff that doesn’t bless your life can be reviewed on  regular basis!

My mother was a hoarder, and I absolutely refuse to follow in those footsteps. I want to be sure that when I’m gone the kids don’t have to spend months going through stuff they have no desire for.  If there is one major thing I have learned through FLYlady is that more is really less…and so freeing.  Now, if I can just make myself get rid of more books off the shelf…LOL

Dear Friends,

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FlyLady Rebecca

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