March Habit #18 Supportive Shoes

March Habit #2Dear Flylady,

I finally bought MYSELF a pair of supportive shoes! I had been procrastinating because I would rather spend the money on my daughters (21mo, 4y & 7y). I have been fluttering for 29 days now and refused to wear lace up shoes because the ones I had were uncomfortable. I would just wear some (cheap version of) crocs. They were comfortable enough, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in them. After reading your March article on shoes and how often we need to replace them, I wrote “Buy a pair of comfortable lace up shoes” as a high priority item into my to do list in my control journal.

A couple of days ago I finally took my 21mo daughter out to the shops and we had a good time finding shoes for mummy. I picked a snazzy pair of super comfortable joggers for $39 AUD and haven’t looked back. I realise that those “crocs” weren’t as comfortable as I thought. I am much more energetic now and even dance while I’m working on my routines! I truly am ready for whatever life throws at me. I’m ready to FLY!

Thankyou Flylady!

~Chantel from NSW, Australia

Dear Friends,

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FlyLady Rebecca

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