You Have Changed My Life

Dear FlyLady,

This year, I am trying to make monthly resolutions instead of picking resolutions for the entire year.  I figure I can do anything for 30 days, and then if I want to continue, I can.

My January resolution was to follow your 31 Baby Steps.  I didn’t do a perfect job at it, but almost immediately could tell that I loved them and that they would make a huge difference in my life!  I could go on for ages, but will keep this relatively short and just say the most recent way you have helped.

I returned today from a 10 day vacation.  Usually, when I get back from a trip, it takes me about a WEEK to unpack.  For all that time, my suitcases are usually on my bedroom floor, with stuff including dirty clothes falling out.  I find myself waiting until “I feel like it” to do laundry and put the things away.  It goes without saying that my life feels chaotic and unsettled  until I finally get everything put away.

This morning, I got home and the first thing I did was throw all my clothes from the trip in the laundry!  Then I unpacked my suitcase and (gasp!) put it away in the attic where it belongs!  I am now about to go to sleep early, and my laundry is clean & folded, I made dinner and prepared breakfast for tomorrow, and my clothes for tomorrow are laid out.  I swept my apartment and did a “Swish and Swipe” after taking a shower tonight because they needed it after being away for so long (I live with a roommate, who was home while I was away).  Oh, and I dealt with all the mail that had accumulated when I was gone — deposited checks, wrote checks and put them in stamped envelopes, etc.  And yes, my sink is shining, too!!  I still think there is a bit more to do, BUT I am not going to let my perfectionism make me stay up all night and then be exhausted and burned out tomorrow morning. 🙂

Thanks to you and following your BabySteps, I no longer need to wait until “I feel like it” to clean up and get organized, deal with hot spots, etc.  I just know that those are things I need to do to take care of myself and make my living space a happy sanctuary.  I look forward to getting your emails as daily reminders to keep me on track.

Thank you so much for all the work you do!!

(A single 30 year old strength & conditioning coach with nontraditional working hours who thinks your babysteps and flight plans can work for anyone!


FlyLady here: I know exactly what she is talking about when it comes to getting unpacked after a long trip. I still have issues with unpacking but I just live by this adage, “Progress Not Perfection!” Sometimes I play a game with myself; and every hour I unpack one item. If you make it fun it will get done.

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