Unlearn and Relearn

testiflyDear FlyLady,

The email that you just posted about “How do I do the rest?” was an AH HA moment for me.

For example, I thought that I the bathrooms had to be deep cleaned every morning.  YIKES!  I thought that there was something wrong with me because there is no way that I could do that every day!  I was thinking to myself, “How do people do this and have time for everything else?  I must be a lazy loser.”  🙁

Now I understand that deep cleaning is for 1 zone at a time and everywhere else is just lite maintenance like Home Blessing Hour and extinguishing Hot Spots, etc…  WHAT A RELIEF!  I finally see the light and think that I have a chance at flying! 🙂

It takes a while to unlearn and relearn.  Thanks Flylady for Flywashing (being patient and repeating your wisdom) those of us who don’t understand the Fabulous Flysystem at first glance!

God bless you!

Florida Flyer

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