Changing Negative Self-Thoughts

IMG_5777Dear FlyLady,

You have influenced my home and my thought process in so many ways – I can’t thank you enough!  I have been receiving your emails for about four years now, and most of the daily routines are incorporated into my life. You are a true blessing.  I am changing negative self-thoughts into positive ones and love sharing your uplifting ideas with my DS and DD.

I still struggle with de-cluttering 15 minutes each day EVEN THOUGH I know it works!  I used this method to de-clutter our master bedroom and other areas of the house, yet the basement has become a dumping ground for toys, seasonal clothing, school papers, sports equipment, etc.  I include 15 minutes of basement de-cluttering on my To-Do List almost every day, yet this is the first item to go out the window when I feel I am short on time. Basically, I am procrastinating and have been blowing it off for an entire month now!

This past weekend, we had friends over to visit with three young children.  I announced that our basement was off-limits this time because it was such a wreck.  Well, one of our young guests ignored me completely and marched downstairs to play!  My 9 year old DS followed, and I figured, What the heck! Let them have fun!  If they don’t care if it’s a mess and want to play, let them play.

About 15 minutes later, my DS came upstairs and said “Mama, you have to come look at what [our young friend] has done in the basement!”  I expected the worst.  So did his mom.  We went downstairs and wouldn’t you know, they cleaned it up!!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes!!  A 9 year old and 4 year old did such an amazing job in just 15 minutes in that basement.  It was truly shocking!  You could see carpet and toys were in their spaces! My DH said he needed to see it, too. He had been down there recently and knew what it had looked like. His response was, “Wow!”

I joyfully praised the kids, and they were very proud of their work.  They continued to play downstairs most of the evening. My own family has since spent more time in the basement playing as well.  It was a humbling learning experience for me that these two young children reinforced the lessons you have been trying to teach us FlyBabies all along.  You just have to jump in and start!  You really CAN make a difference in just 15 minutes!  And then you have more time to play!

Thank you for all you do.

Fluttering in VA

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