March Habit #25 My Greatest Discovery

Dear FlyLady,

I have been attempting to follow your system since 2006.  My perfectionism wanted me to run before I could walk, so I would crisis clean and then be exhausted.  This led to me stopping and starting more times more times than I can remember, which did nothing to improve my underlying depression and sense of failure.

I would read about other systems that encouraged me to declutter everything in a day and then obsess about folding things neatly.  This gave me one beautifully organized drawer but the rest of the house was in a complete muddle, again leaving me feeling completely overwhelmed.

Then just after Christmas I decided enough was enough.  I began to watch the 31 Baby Steps videos on You Tube by FlyLady Diane Denmark, and then the penny dropped. I realised the process was more important than the end result, and this gave me a peace that I had not felt before.

I shine my sink, make my bed, swish and swipe, do 5 minute room rescues and 2 minute hot spots.  I am doing my laundry each day and am working on decluttering in small manageable chunks.  My greatest discovery has been wearing my lace up shoes(I had always resisted this before, afraid of spoiling my carpets), so now I am ready to work, less likely to climb back into bed feeling defeated, and starting to Finally Love Myself.

Thank you

Fly baby Ella,  England.

Dear Friends,

We love to hear your testimonials and motivate others with the success stories! If you have a success story please send it to with I HAVE MY SHOES ON in the subject line.

FlyLady Rebecca

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