March Habit #30 One More Reason

Dear FlyLady,

I’m so glad I found you and although I’m certainly nowhere near where I need to be I feel better about myself and life in general because of you and your team!

I have been diagnosed with a bone spur on my left heel and it is quite painful. My primary care physician said that I may even have a stress fracture since it was causing me so much pain. I had x-rays done and I do not have a fracture (thank goodness).

My doctor gave me a choice of surgery of physical therapy (I opted for PT)….and then he said “don’t ever go without your shoes because your shoes give that plantar fascia support that it needs to alleviate the pain in your heel!!”

Boy was he right!

If I walk through my house without my shoes my heel tells me about it! LOL Just thought you might like to know that there is one more reason we need to “lace-em up!!”

Ruth in Tennessee

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