March Habit #31 I Timed It

Dear FlyLady,

I have a large dog that needs to be walked every morning before I leave for work. We usually walk about two miles.

I have been getting up, putting on baggy sweatpants and a sweatshirt, pulling a hat over my bed head, and walking the dog – of course I was wearing shoes, but I don’t think that the way I looked was anything like what FlyLady is suggesting!

In fact, I always hoped like crazy that I wouldn’t see anyone on our walk! Well, the other day I did see a neighbor who wanted to chat and walk with me and I felt embarrassed about the way I looked.

When we got our March assignment to dress to shoes first thing in the morning, I thought I couldn’t do it because it wouldn’t fit into the time I have available. However, I decided to try washing my face, moisturizing, putting on a little blush, and combing my hair before I took the dog for a walk this morning. I timed it – it took TWO MINUTES! I dressed in cute but comfortable slacks, a fleece top, and my walking shoes. I felt great. I deserve to feel attractive even if I’m just walking the dog.

When we came back, I got breakfast for both the dog and myself, and then dressed for work. It was only a small change to my routine, and it was definitely worthwhile. I was even on time for work!

This habit is a keeper!


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