April Habit #1 The Appearance of My Bedroom

Dear FlyLady,

I love this month’s habit!

I started making my bed last year during this month and was AMAZED at the difference it made in the appearance of my bedroom.

I am a single payroll SHE, so very few people ever see my bedroom (unless my large fur baby counts!) and I didn’t think it made much of a difference to make my bed…boy was I wrong!

I never made my bed growing up, but I did in college since the bed also served as a couch and often my desk. Once I had my own place with a couch, I stopped making the bed again.

Last year I thought I would give it a try…and I loved the results! I very rarely do more than straighten all of the covers by grabbing the sides of everything on the bed and giving it a good shake, but it still makes a huge difference – even thought it’s not “perfect” and the sheets are showing or the comforter isn’t straight!

The biggest surprise I received in making my bed? I sleep better at night! I don’t know why and there isn’t a clear reason that makes biologic sense, but I do sleep better. On the nights I crawl into bed when it wasn’t made (this doesn’t happen often), I toss and turn.

The ironic part of my bed making habit is that my mom always made her bed but has stopped since getting remarried…using the excuse that her husband is still in bed when she gets up.

I’ve passed along your suggestion of making her half and maybe he would start to make his half when he gets up, but she hasn’t tried (yet).

Thanks for all you do!

Jennifer in Indiana

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