April Habit #5 When I Was Growing Up

Dear FlyLady,My DH leaves the house at 2:30am each weekday morning, so when I get up I am getting dressed and ready for work by myself.

When I was growing up I never had to make my bed and it doesn’t really bother me to leave it unmade. Until a few years ago I never made my bed, and it didn’t bother me much.

Then 2 years ago when you made making the bed a monthly habit I got on the band wagon and I liked the way the made bed made the bedroom feel more together and clean.

But what I did not realize was that my making the bed each day, said to my husband “I love you!” He loves a made bed, but because he is the first one out can’t do it himself. After I got in this habit I realized how much he loves climbing into a bed where the pillows have been plumped and the covers straighted.

He works very hard and often takes a nap when he gets home from work, but he always remakes the bed when he gets out before I get home. I have one of the best husbands a girl can have. He never complained when my house was in CHAOS and never said anything about the bed not being made, but when I established this months habit, he sure did express his appreciation and now I make my bed because it blesses my husband and helps to make our bedroom the haven for our marriage that it is supposed to be.

I am a quilter and I finished a long time hand stitched quilt that now blesses our bed, and I hung special decorations and framed prints on the walls. I keep the clothes off the floor and the dressers are no longer hot spots and it really all started when I established this months habit of making the bed as soon as I get out of it.

Thanks Flylady!
Flying in Florida

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