My Watchword Phrase

IMG_5777Dear FlyLady,

I took to heart your words of being kind to myself and your habit of having Windex in each bathroom. I have a vacuum on each floor of my home and a cordless Hoover stick vac close to the back entry and kitchen. I don’t know how I ever got along without that stick vac and not hauling vacuums between floors has been awesome! Also found out that all vacuums are not the same. If you have thick luxurious carpet it will pull the guts out of some high dollar vacuums within minutes of use. I took several burned up vacuums for me to discover what exactly was the problem. Discovering the trick of each surface is important to be able to get over the ground in a reasonably fast manner.

I love having sink/mirror cleaner under each sink. In the kitchen, the mirror cleaner does the microwave, dishwasher front, and fridge. In the bathrooms I’ve a pump one on the back of the toilet for quick cleanups with a bit of toilet paper and a quick couple of pumps and voila! A swipe is done.

I love having a broom hung at each entrance to my home. A quick swipe with a broom and leaves etc. are gone from the porches.

When I collect clothes from my back bathroom, I have a dampened washcloth to swipe at dust on the way to the laundry.

Using what is at hand is becoming my watchword phrase.

Thank you for teaching that these are not indulgences, they are kindnesses to ourselves. Setting up these expenses for my own use and pleasure was well worth missing a couple of other things for just a bit to pay for them.

SW Kansas Flybaby

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