April Habit #6 Excellent Condition

Dear FlyLady,I hate my bedspread. I’m mostly just tired of it after nearly 20 years, but it’s still in excellent condition so I’ve just refolded it at the foot of the bed each time I’ve changed the sheets.

Yes, I have a new one in the basement that I long to use, but that requires repainting the bedroom walls, moving big furniture, etc. And since I couldn’t make my room look p******, I just quit making any effort at all.

I crawled out of bed and walked away, closing the door in shame when company came.

But when I signed up for your emails 8 weeks ago, I read that it was OK to just straighten up the covers. So I tried it. I have a nice microfleece blanket, and when it’s smoothed out my DGD says it looks “just shipped”. (I guess that means brand new!)

I’ve taken that Babystep for 8 weeks, and instead of feeling guilty that I only did half the job, I have felt so proud of myself for making the effort.

Well, since April’s habit is making your bed, I decided to take that Babystep today. I pulled up the bedspread! Yay! Two trips to the other side instead of just one. Another 30 seconds. Why did I feel like it was such a big deal? (Although I did get rid of the shams and throw pillows. Yes, they looked good, but they just added time and burden to the task.)

But the best part is the feeling that I chose to do it. It is the “shiny sink” of my bedroom. I felt so empowered that I actually swiped after I swished my bathroom too! I’m on a roll!

Thank you so much for helping us accept our SHEness and work around it. I’ve been paralyzed by perfection for years, which no one around me can understand, and you’re teaching me how to accept and love myself.

I’m not letting other people’s judgment keep me in the dumps anymore.

A Flutterbaby in Utah

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