April Habit #7 He Is Still In Bed

Dear FlyLady,I have been fluttering for about 18 months. I am a teacher with a hubby and 3 sons.

For a long time, our bed never got made because I worked days and my DH worked nights. He now works evening shift, but he is still in bed when the kids and I head to school.

Last summer while the kids and I were on break from school, I started making the bed. When the end of August rolled around, I got a big surprise… my hubby made the bed when school started again!

This was huge for us.

Quite frankly, he was the reason I had stopped making the bed years before, but he saw how happy I was when I walked into our tidy bedroom that he decided to pitch in. He now makes our bed every weekday morning! And, he has gotten pretty good at it! When he first started, it was a bit on the messy side, but I kept my mouth shut and said only complimentary things. Now, it looks pretty darn good!

Thanks so much for giving me the tools to get started!

Flybaby Ann in Pennsylvania

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