April Habit #8 It Seemed Trivial

Dear FlyLady,Making the bed has been a habit since I discovered you many, many years ago.

At first it seemed trivial because when my feet hit the floor, I was off chasing toddlers around the house. But all that changed when I took your advice to “shine my bedroom sink”……a.k.a. our bed!

My husband and I refer to our bed as ‘the nest’. It is our sacred space that no one else shares (except for bouncing children!).

I tend to our nest every Weekly Home Blessing by hanging the comforter on the clothesline to air and fluff; filling with sunshine. The other blanket gets shook out and the sheets are changed.

What a blessing to snuggle into our fresh fluffy nest with my devoted husband every night! The bed is made every morning.

Over the years my children have learned this habit. They now make their beds as soon as their feet hit the floor in the morning.

We have a small home with shiny sinks all over!

~A Happy Oregon Flybaby in her Nest~

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