Shared My Enthusiasm

IMG_5777Dear Marla and “Team FlyLady”,

I have procrastinated long enough–it is time for my testimonial to you.

Years ago, my sister introduced me to FlyLady which her daughter’s had introduced to her. My sister was here for a visit and I woke up one morning with a shiny sink– which she had shined the night before–I didn’t realize that sinks could be that clean! Since then I did a decent job keeping my sink shiny but wasn’t motivate to do anything more–life was very busy.

Fast forward 15-20 years or so to January 2016,  I had just turned 71 and was sick with the flu for 3 weeks and had time on my hands. My sister had mentioned that she had been doing some FlyLady routines again and was really enjoying it. Long story short, I started getting your emails, purchased some of your cleaning tools and establishing some new routines–my favorites being keeping a shiny sink, daily swish and wipe in the bathrooms, getting dressed to shoes, regular decluttering, laying out clothes the night before, a load of wash each day, checking my calendar FlyLady calendar morning and night, setting items out on my launchpad. Love your microfiber cleaning rags!!

I have excitedly shared my enthusiasm for FlyLady with others and at times have been met with laughter–” Why would someone as old as you are be interested in housecleaning ideas?”  Could they be envious of my zest and enthusiasm for something new and fun?! I don’t know but I realize that FlyLady isn’t for everyone but it definitely has been a wonderful blessing to me and my family.

I have gotten the FlyLady app on my cell phone but want to keep your emails coming for another year to encourage me while I work on  the various zone detailed cleaning lists and “Weekly Home Blessing Hour”, one step at a time. I plan on writing another testimonial to you, a year from now, to let you know how I have done. I am evidence that a person is never too old to try something new.

Many thanks and blessings to you!

Lots of love,
Fly baby Cherry

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