April Habit #9 Feeling Good About Myself

Dear FlyLady,I didn’t make my bed for years – multiple decades of years.

When we were getting ready to move last summer I started to read you and adopted some things while we were at the old house. I decluttered up a storm (6 cubic yard dumpster anyone?) and was lucky enough to be able to have the house empty and easily cleanable before we moved our things in.

After our first night in this house, September 14, 2012, I made the bed. I didn’t go downstairs for coffee first. I got washed up, dressed to my shoes and made the bed, then I went downstairs for coffee and breakfast.

I don’t always fly as well as I’d like, but the bed gets made every day and the sheets changed every Monday no matter what.

I start the day feeling good about myself; I know I’ve accomplished something every day, even if nothing else much gets done. I have also adopted your evening routine with laying out my clothes, checking the calendar and making sure the cell phone is charging and my keys are where they should be before I hit the hay. –

Leslie, flying in MA, making the bed daily and planning my menus weekly

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