Please Help Me Eat My Veggies

Dear FlyLady,

I’m a new FlyBaby, though I’ve been organizing and decluttering for a few years now. I’ve been enjoying reading your organizing tips including your menu planning tips to save money. I am wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing some tips on menu planning to save money for Vegetarian eating? As a vegetarian, this is something I’ve found difficult. Any ideas?

Raina in Hood River, OR

Dear Raina,

I love vegetables. Most of my life I have called myself a vega-preferian. As a kid I would beg my sisters to try okra. That was a big mistake because once they tried it; I never got my fill. I usually eat my vegetables first, but I do like meat.

In the recent past I have gone vegetarian for a few weeks at a time. I found myself eating salads, Brussel Sprouts, and mixed veggies. My friend Leanne Ely has written a book for vegetarians. Saving Dinner the Vegetarian Way.

The main thing all of you should remember is to take advantage of your local Farmers’ Markets and let’s get ready to make a Victory Garden. We can grow our own vegetables. I love the idea of this. Our children will love watching their plants grow. My son loved using his toy tractors to blow around his squash plant and his tomatoes.

We don’t need a big plot of land to make a garden. We just need some dirt and pots. Pinterest is full of ideas for raised bed gardens and patio gardens. It is too early to put out any plants in my part of the world but you may be able start some seeds inside.

What are your favorite vegetables? Do you have some potatoes that are sprouting? There has been some cute websites about re-growing vegetables from the scraps that we would normally throw away. Take those potatoes and cut them in quarters and plant them in a big pot. You will have new potatoes in a few months. Plant some herbs too! Basil, rosemary, and cilantro are my favorites. Don’t forget peppers, onions, garlic, and lots of tomatoes.

If you want to save money and eat your veggies; then have some fun playing in the dirt. You are going to save a lot of real money. I can even teach you how to preserve those vegetables. Been there done that! More to come!

Chaos2cleanCHAOS to Clean Pack is going away!

Dear FlyLady,

The Multi-Wand is magical! My DHL and I love to have air moving in our home and have five ceiling fans throughout the house. I am not tall and do tend not to “see” things higher than my head. Recently I realized (to my horror) that every blade in every fan was loaded with grunge. But I’d wisely just ordered the  package which contained the Multi-Wand.

What a treat to be able to swiftly clean every single blade without climbing on a step ladder! After the fans were done, I cleaned the tops of all the windows, doors and door frames throughout the house. It is a great, great tool.

Thank you for all you do for us and please thank all in the FlyShop, too.

Flying in Charlotte

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