Help I have lots of Eggs to Make

Dear FlyLady,

My family loves Deviled Eggs. I hate to make them. Do you know how I can fix them where they don’t have green yokes?

FlyBaby K.

FlyLady here; Yes I do. I don’t like to use the D word, so I renamed my eggs, Angel Eggs.

1. Allow eggs to get to room temperature before putting in oven. Then cook at 325 degrees for exactly 30 minutes. Immediately put them into ice water in your shiny sink.

2. Some people know their eggs are done when 1 cracks.

3. Cool eggs in your shiny sink!

4. Just look how pretty! And they taste good too! Not rubbery! I will never boil another egg!

5. They peeled faster than boiled eggs!

6. I washed my egg carton and put them back in the refrigerator so I can slice them when they are firmer! About 2 hours!

Here is a link to basic recipe for the egg filling. I like to put sweet pickle juice and mayo in mine; with a little bit of mustard. I just go by the texture of the mixture.

7. I got sidetracked by the phone and forgot to put this one in the water! The two little spots were from the oven rack. I did learn one thing! Don’t put cracked eggs in the water to cool! The yolk will get soggy! Just have it for lunch! I like to figure two eggs per person unless Jack Sgroi is coming! I fix an extra dozen just for him! He loves my eggs! I don’t ever fill the eggs with the egg yolk mixture till I get where we are going. Ziplock bag and snip off a corner and fill eggs like you were icing cupcakes! This way my eggs look pretty and I don’t have to worry about them sliding around!!!!

8. The finished eggs!!


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