Help Me with My Shower

Dear Friends,

Today I am going to ask you a question. What is hiding in your shower? First I want to tell you why I am asking this question.

Today I was watching my favorite channel HGTV. The Property Brothers were helping a family get their house on the market. As they were walking through their home, the master bedroom shower was filled with clutter.

Do you have clutter hiding in your shower? You are just asking for trouble. There are two places you should never stash and dash your clutter; the shower and the oven.

If you are using your shower for a place to stash clutter; I want you to email me; with YOU ARE A FLY ON MY WALL in the subject line. Then I want you to laugh really hard at yourself and set your timer for 15 minutes.

Start by reaching into your shower and pulling one thing out and putting it away! You can do this; Give Away, Put Away, and Throw Away!


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